Important Notification: 2024 SARS Income TAX Season

As we approach the 2024 Personal Income Tax Season, which commences on July 7th, 2024, we are proactively preparing to streamline the process. Our goal is to ensure accurate calculations and to minimise the risk of triggering audits. Based on our observations from the previous tax year, audits were primarily carried out on returns filed after the first two weeks of being open. We request that you complete the following form with your personal tax details. Additionally, please provide any supporting documents where applicable.

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To ensure clarity and transparency please note that all Individual Tax Returns will only be submitted to SARS after the 1% invoice for services rendered has been paid in full.

Here is a guideline of all documentation and information that will be required (where applicable):

  • IRP5/IT3 Certificate
  • Medical Aid Certificate
  • Pension Fund Contribution Certificate
  • Retirement Annuity Certificate
  • Rental Income and Any Related Expenses
  • In the event of a Travel Allowance:
    • Make of Vehicle
    • Model
    • Year
    • Vehicle Registration Number
    • Opening (01/03/2023) and Closing (29/02/2024) odometer readings
    • Purchase agreement/contract of the vehicle
    • Logbook (If possible) – Ad Hoc if we compile
    • Fringe benefit letter (If applicable)
  • Additional Information required for Commission Earners Only:
    • Bank statements 01/03/2023 – 29/02/2024
    • Receipts of expenses
    • Vehicle information (same as above)
    • Home office letter
  • Current Banking details if changed


Should you have any queries or require assistance, feel free to reach out to your Hero or

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